Vista Leads Managed Outbound Sales Platform


We'll work with you to develop a profile of your ideal customer or pinpoint key decision makers.


Our expert team uses a combination of methods to get highly accurate data and your existing sales data.


All of our data is verified using third party sources, making each lead a legitimate potential customer.



We automate your sales development process with a blend of software, Machines, and people..

Companies we work with.

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If you're a business that is starting out or wants to remain lean and mean, then Vista Leads is perfect for you.  With us, there is no need to invest in expensive, time-consuming software.  We take care of every step, so that you can focus on your product or service. 

Our platform is a straight forward approach that can instantly fill your sales funnel with thousands of potential customers - giving you the opportunity to sell right away. That's why we created Vista Lead Generation - to provide our client’s on-demand sales results through a software-driven, hand crafted outbound sales platform.