Get Better B2B Lead Generation, Guaranteed.

B2B Lead Generation

66.6% of a salesperson's time is typically spent on non-selling activities - research, data entry, and busy work.

Most B2B lead generation is done using stale, off-the-shelf data. Sales teams spend 67% of the time on data entry and only 33% selling. At Vista Lead Generation, our teams carry out custom research to produce highly-targeted lead Vista Verified lists created specifically for each of our clients. We locate hard-to-find company information, key decision makers, and contacts in new markets.       

Nearly half of your customer contact information can go out of date each year without constant upkeep.  

Customer relationship management software such as Salesforce, Sage, and SAP are only effective if your data is accurate. Vista Lead Generation allows your sales team to constantly have the most up-to-date the Vista Verified lead lists.

The average ROI of email marketing is $44 for every $1 spent.         

Email is the preferred marketing channel for B2B sales teams. Vista Lead Generation allows sales teams to use email prospecting to measure buying intent from new leads. They spend less time researching and more time selling.