Care Analytics Case Study

Care Analytics is a great example of a new company that needed to start selling…..FAST. As a lean and mean start-up, throwing money around various channels was not an option.

WHAT Care Analytics DOES:

Care Analytics provides patient and staff intelligence to drive transformative patient experiences, meaningful quality improvement, and measurable cost reduction.  Their real-time tablet based point of care survey platform provides Skilled Nursing facilities, Hospice, and Assisted Living communities a more modern approach that gives every patient and employee a true voice.


They generally knew the profile of who they wanted to speak to, but they couldn’t go through the time-consuming process of hiring a sales staff and having them do research for months. They wanted something that could get their team on the phone to develop relationships ASAP.

We delivered (and then some).


Email Outreach fit perfectly for their needs. We took their CRM lists and created an automated email drip with 6 touches.

  • First we advised and setup a new email domain to send to, making sure their current domain was not affected by the quantity of emails we were sending.

  • We qualified and verified their leads so that there was no ‘catch-alls’, vacated, or expired emails.

  • Our writers did research on what the profile customers needs were and what pain points would draw their attention.

  • The messaging was designed to be short, informative and professional - but NOT long-winded and ‘spammy’.

  • For actionable responses, we designed a sales presentation for Care Analytics that looked modern and sleek.

  • We also set-up a scheduling account to integrate in all emails to encourage quick demo meetings.




“We tried doing this (email outreach) on our own, but were consistently frustrated with the process. Vista LG came in and imparted their expertise and created an outreach that is continually running in the background and doing a much better job managing it than we ever did. Now it’s one of our top sources of sales leads.”
— - Jen M. / Sales Representative