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Ascentium Case Study

Our Ascentium account highlights a growing trend for sales departments who need to transition from older forms of marketing. Ascentium was using primarily direct snail mail to interact with their prospective customers. Email was being used, but it was quickly becoming a fragmented and time consuming mess. There was a growing team of over 50 sales representatives and they needed a comprehensive and effective system for their email outreach to connect with current and prospective customers.

What Ascentium Does:

Ascentium Capital is a leading provider of equipment and technology financing solutions. Their unique finance platform, combined with exceptional customer service, paves the way for fast, flexible financing for virtually any business need. They provide financing and leasing for manufacturers, distributors, resellers, franchise organizations, as well as providing direct financing options for small, mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies.


They wanted a custom system that created highly personalized (over 15 data points to work with) automated email messaging for over 50,000 opt-in customers.

We delivered (and then some).


Vista LG went to work creating a customized platform that delivered the following features:

  1. Our team ‘scrubs’ all of Ascentiums provided data lists and prepares them for maximum ‘send’ability. We fill in the blanks where needed, take out fake names, correct spelling and organize data sets for optimal campaign performance.

  2. Our account and messaging management team meets bi-weekly for campaign monitoring and creation of email messaging and content for Ascentiums various touches. We provide expert email writers for consultation and suggestions to optimize open and click-through rates.

  3. Ascentium can see the performance of their campaigns 24/7. The Vista LG online platform is customized based on Ascentiums needs. It involves standard full campaign content view, real-time analytics, and open, click-thru, and opt-out downloadable lists.

  4. We added an automated signatures feature so that each email is from the appropriate sales rep for the specified region it’s sent to.

  5. We added notification emails to each account representative once a customer in their account group opens, clicks or responds to an email. This has given account reps actionable instances to follow up on in real-time.